Some of the sermons from our services are posted on here for your edification.  They are available to either listen online or to download and listen later in mp3 format. We have tried to reduce the file size as much as possible in order to optimise download and storage space.  If there are any sermons that you would like at a higher quality, please contact Howard Philpott , Deacon, who will be able to provide you with any of the sermons on CD at a higher quality.

 To listen to a sermon, simply click on the title. You will then get the option to listen or download the sermon.

 There is a search facility that will enable you to search the website.  This can be used to search for a sermon for example by entering part or all of the minister’s name, or the book of the bible you would like to hear a sermon from etc.  It is a google search facility but will only search within the Colnbrook website itself and not elsewhere on the internet. If you wish to search for all the sermons by a certain minister, click on the minister’s name and it will bring up all other available sermons.  If there is only one sermon by a particular minister, alternatives will not be available.

Please feel free to contact Howard Philpott, Deacon, if you would like more sermons on CD and he will do his best to accommodate you.  Please note that the whole service is available most of the time and if you would like the whole service including hymns, reading and prayers on CD we will pleased to provide.  Generally these are free of charge.

 We trust that the Lord will add his blessing to these sermons and will further His work.